Our Story

A few years ago while on a military humanitarian trip to the Balkans, Kevin found himself cooling off from a sweltering day, and his thoughts drifted home to Minnesota; standing on the St. Anthony footbridge overlooking the city… with snow softly falling. As the evening in Croatia progressed, and conversation with colleagues picked up, Kevin realized this snow globe vision of his could also fill a real need within the business sector. He landed on the idea that just like every snowflake is unique, the diverse challenges inherent in all organizations demand a unique delivery of solutions.

And just like that, with crashing surf in the background, and thoughts of flurries back home in Minnesota, the idea for SnowGlobe Public Relations was born.

In 2017, after retiring from full time military service, Kevin brought his vision to reality and launched one of Minnesota’s first veteran-owned public relations firms.

Within 15 months SnowGlobe’s growth rate was accelerating and Kevin knew he needed a partner. In February, 2019 Anna Lewicki Long, APR, signed on with SnowGlobe. Anna is also a U.S. military veteran who worked with Kevin in various capacities since 2003.

At SnowGlobe, we know there’s no such thing as coincidence. Purposeful action and strategic planning lead to predictable results. That’s why it’s no surprise that in the first quarter of 2019, immediately after Kevin and Anna teamed up at SnowGlobe, Minnesota experienced record snowfall. While the business growth was appreciated, we could have done without quite SO MUCH snow. We are truly sorry, Minnesota. We’ll be more strategic with future shake-ups.